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What B2B Marketing And Golf Have in Common?

So, I’m not much of a golfer, although I love it.  The one thing I share with people when they invite me to golf with them is that I guarantee I will make them look good!

There are several parallels with golf that seem to happen quite often when it comes to B2B marketing.  I’m going to mention two of them here in hopes that it may give you a different perspective on your approach to B2B marketing.


I am the first to acknowledge I am guilty of this.  When I pull out my driver on a par 5, I always seem to take a much bigger swing than my talent should allow.  When the ball slices, as I know it will, I am just certain there is something wrong with my driver.  

Off to the golf store I go looking for that silver bullet, that shiny toy that’s going to convert my drive into a PGA-looking effort.  The truth is, my current driver is just fine. I should have taken that money and spent it on lessons, not a new driver. 

At MarketSense, we see the same thing happen all the time.  A prospect will contact us thinking their marketing isn’t working because they don’t have the right tools.  They need that shiny new toy.

In many cases, what they already have has the ability to produce great results.  They just aren’t putting the effort into making their resources work.

Let’s take Marketing Automation Platforms as an example.  To start off with, the name itself is disingenuous. There is almost nothing about marketing automation that is actually automated.

Don’t get me wrong, we couldn’t produce the results we do for our B2B clients without them, but most people are only using 10%-15% of the power of the Marketing Automation Platform they already have.

It is the same with SEO, PPC, or most any other tools you use for B2B marketing.  Even the very cost-effective ones are actually quite powerful. You just have to know how to get the most out of them.  


We’ve all been out on the course with that person who gets super angry with any bad shot.  They curse like a sailor, and throw their clubs as if they just cannot understand how the shot went so wrong.

But, they only golf three times a year and never hit the driving range.

For the most part, I’m not that guy.  I simply like being out on the course enjoying a beautiful environment with friends.  In fact, if the ball does actually go where I wanted it to, I’m quietly amazed.

So, what does this have to do with B2B marketing?  If you think you can simply launch a digital marketing campaign and business will start rolling in the door, you are likely in for a surprise.

The competition is brutal.  What’s more, digital marketing is a constant exercise in testing, optimizing and re-testing.  Just as the golfer that never practices, B2B marketing will underwhelm you every time if you use a “set and forget” strategy.

We live and breathe B2B marketing.  We’ve spent millions of dollars perfecting our skills.  We pay for ongoing education for every team member every quarter.  

Nevertheless, the more we learn, the more we realize we need to know to keep our clients on the leading edge with strong marketing ROI’s.


We have people that come to MarketSense with the idea that digital marketing just doesn’t work for their company.  For a few, they are right. 

For the majority, it is about understanding how to get the most out of your marketing stack (the technology) and continuing to optimize and push the envelope.

So, before you buy any shiny new toys or start to throw your B2B clubs around, ask yourself if you are truly committed to growth.  If you are, the opportunity is real.


Tom Poole CEO, MarketSense

P.S. Seriously, if you want to feel good about your game, let’s hit the links.  I’ll make you feel like a pro. Have a great day!


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