Let Data & Analytics Unleash the Power of Your Business!

Here are the Four Types of Analytics and How They Will Help You Succeed!

Descriptive Analytics...

What Happened?

At MarketSense we use descriptive analytics to figure out what happened.  Combining and mining data silos gives us a tremendous amount of insight that can be used for future actions.  We often deliver this information in reports and dashboards.

Diagnostic Analytics...

Why Did It Happen??

We use sophisticated analytical techniques to identify relationships and correlations that can help pinpoint the causes of problems and formulate winning solutions.

Put diagnostic analytics to work to help with marketing, sales, finance and operations.

Predictive Analytics...

What Could Happen?

This is where things start to get really fun!  Predictive analytics leverages statistics, modeling, machine learning and data mining to make useful predictions about useful events.  There is a great chance we already have a head start on your solution.  From customer segmentation to risk modeling and churn prevention to next best action, our data scientist can help give you that unfair advantage.

Prescriptive Analytics...

What Should We Do??

It is silly to make big decisions without the help of data.  Prescriptive Analytics explores potential possibilities and suggests an optimal course of action.  More than just suggestions, we use advanced analytical and mathematical models to provide the reasons and the implications of following the suggested actions.

Put prescriptive analytics to work to solve those questions with confidence.

Sean Fay

CEO Envision Response

The MarketSense Team has been core to our transition into a data-driven organization. From marketing, to operations and finance, we now have the tools to compete and win in a very competitive environment