Our Story

"We couldn't find a company that could deliver the results we needed, so we created one"

Tom Poole, CEO, MarketSense


Tom Poole

Founder & CEO

In the bustling tech hub of Seattle, MarketSense emerged from the vision of Tom Poole, an internet pioneer and award-winning entrepreneur with a trailblazing spirit. Diving into the world of data-driven marketing back in 1995 with his first web venture, Poole has witnessed the digital landscape evolve into an intricate tapestry of opportunity and innovation.

With the digital marketing realm growing in complexity and potential, Poole encountered a pivotal challenge: the search for a digital marketing firm that could guarantee rapid, dependable growth was unending. Driven by necessity and fueled by a visionary's ambition, he founded MarketSense—a decision that would redefine the industry's standards.

At MarketSense, our ethos is simplicity. We demystify the complex interplay of data, marketing, and analytics, providing our clients with the keys to expansive growth. Our arsenal of bespoke tools offers unparalleled insights, allowing us to refine and perfect digital marketing strategies with surgical precision. These tools empower us to explore the digital space with agility, uncovering hidden niches and capitalizing on them for transformative results.

While others in the field chase accolades, our compass points towards one true north: our clients' triumphs. This unwavering commitment to impact over recognition makes us not just a service provider but a dedicated partner in your journey to success. At MarketSense, we don't just aim to deliver results; we're obsessed with it.