Tom Poole

Founder & CEO

Seattle based MarketSense was founded by Internet pioneer and award winning entrepreneur Tom Poole. Poole has been involved in data driven marketing since he started selling banner ads on the website he launched in 1995 and eventually sold to Compaq Computer. As the Internet has grown and digital marketing has become increasingly more sophisticated, Poole's concept has been to help companies predictably grow with accountable ROI based digital marketing.

According to Poole, at MarketSense we take the complicated and make it simple. In a nutshell: we combine data, marketing and analytics to help our clients grow. Our expertise lies in our ability to optimize your digital marketing campaigns to deliver predictable results.

Data drives our decisions and we've designed and developed tools that give us unique, actionable insights in real-time. We test reach, response, conversion and economics on every level to maximize your digital marketing results.

We use data to see things others don't. We find those unique niches that lead to break-through results. And we deliver those results in a clear, easy to understand dashboard to each and every client 24/7.

For many agencies, success means industry awards and peer recognition. At MarketSense, we measure our success by our client's success and we are fanatical about delivering results.

Our Core Values

Our clients LOVE our core values. Learn the six things you can expect from us with EVERY interaction!

Kip Spencer


MarketSense has literally transformed the way we do business.  They are much more than a vendor.  They are a partner in our success

Use Analytics to GROW!

Four Analytical Methods...