Performance Websites

Today's B2B Websites need to be designed to convert. Not just landing pages... Every page.

At MarketSense, we use best practices and then let the data decide.

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Every Page Has a Purpose.

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Is it time for a High Performance Website?

From the moment a prospects lands on your site it needs start working for you.  Here are three things it needs to do:

  1. 1
    Establish CREDIBILITY
  2. 2
    GUIDE the prospect
  3. 3
    CONVERT the prospect into a lead

Take the next action that will lead to a sale.

Awareness. Credibility. Conversion.

If a prospect lands on your site, they are aware of you. You can check that box.  For most B2B sales, they are not yet ready to buy yet.

That is where credibility comes in.

Your website should OOZE credibility.

It should also have plenty of reasons for your prospect to raise their hand and ask for more.

Your websites job is the motivate that prospect to take the next action that will lead to a sale. Typically that will be to capture a lead.

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"The MarketSense Team has been a quick study"

Gregg terry - Director marekting
Phifer incorporated

Phifer has partnered with Tom and his MarketSense team for more than four years for website development and maintenance, SEO, analytics, and digital marketing management. With a very diverse product line and target audiences, it was critical to us that we worked with a company that understood our business.  The MarketSense team has been a  quick study.  Their virtual business model meant that they had already been working “remotely” for over seven years.  When 2020 rolled around we had zero interruptions in the marketing services they provided to us!”