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76% of PPC Ad Budgets are Wasted.

Properly managed, PPC can create explosive growth for B2B Marketers.

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Do PPC Ads Even Work For B2B Marketers?

Simply stated, YES... BUT... 

PPC marketing can massively help B2B companies accelerate growth. BUT, in our experience the secret sauce is in order in which you communicate, the messaging, AND the integration with other forms of marketing.

Sound confusing?  The concept is fairly simple.  The order execution is what trips up most companies and agencies.  

If you are currently buying Facebook and Google ads anticipating that will bring you more leads and clients - we suggest you just keep you money.  It won't work.  On the other hand, below are a few things you can do immediately to make PPC work for your B2B growth.

What Can We Do Today To Improve ROI?

Buying or Reminding?

Google Ads are for buyer intent marketing.  However, was we know almost never does someone make a B2B purchase right away - over 90% of the time they don't.  As such, Google works great to identify the buying prospect and then Facebook retargeting is there to remind them and build credibility.

State of Awareness

Is your prospect painfully aware of the problem they have?  Maybe they don't even know they have a problem yet. Your message and the order in which it is communicated is going to be key to efficiently moving your prospect through a buyers journey.  This point is key to your success.

Understanding the Data

Here's where the PPC analytics come in.  Let's say you understand the stage each B2B prospect is in and can deliver the right message consistently.  Your targeting is going to be better and your conversions are going to 2x-4x.  Your PPC marketing will finally start delivering an ROI. 

PPC Stats for B2B Marketers

Use Search

Percentage of your prospects that will start their buyer journey with search.

Stale Ads

Percentage of B2B Marketers that don't update ads every week (this is so important).

Budgets Wasted

Percentage of budgets completely wasted due to lack of management and optimization.

CTR Increase

Increase Click Through Rates (CTRs) by 33% or more by leading with benefits.

"The MarketSense Team has been a quick study"

Gregg terry - Director marekting
Phifer incorporated

Phifer has partnered with Tom and his MarketSense team for more than four years for website development and maintenance, SEO, analytics, and digital marketing management. With a very diverse product line and target audiences, it was critical to us that we worked with a company that understood our business.  The MarketSense team has been a  quick study.  Their virtual business model meant that they had already been working “remotely” for over seven years.  When 2020 rolled around we had zero interruptions in the marketing services they provided to us!”